Exhibit A: The unsigned article “Nobody Did It!” from Eliza Cook’s Journal, 2 Aug 1851, pages 223-224.

Eliza Cook's Journal, 2 Aug 1851, page 223.

Exhibit B: “Nobody, Somebody, and Everybody,” by Dickens in Household Words, 30 Aug 1856, 145-147. Here’s the beginning, taken verbatim from Google Books OCR, where you can view the original here:


The power of Nobody is becoming so enormous in England, arid he alone is responsible for so many proceedings, both in the way of commission and omission; he has so much to auswer for, and is so constantly called to account; that a few remarks upon him may not be ill-timed.

The haud which this surprising person had in the late war is amazing to consider. It was he who left the tenls behind, who left the baggage behind, who chose the worst possible ground for encampments, who provided uo means of transport, who killed the horses, who paralysed the commissariat, who knew nothing of the business he professed to know and monopolised, who decimated the English army. It was Nobody who gave out the famous nuroasted coffee, it was Nobody who made the hospitals more horrible than language can describe, it was Nobody who occasioned all the dire confusion of Balaklava harbor, it was even Nobody who ordered the fatal Balaklava cavalry charge. The nonrelief of Kars was the work of Nobody, and Nobody has justly and severely suffered for that infamous transaction.

It is difficult for the mind to span the career of Nobody. The sphere of action opened to this wonderful person, so enlarges every day, that the limited faculties of Anybody are too weak to compass it. Yet, the nature of the last tribunal expressly appointed for the detection and punishment of Nobody may, as a part of his stupendous history, be glanced at without winking.

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