At the room. peoople are standing at the back, there are seats in front. looks like this will be a definitive panel…

These are the speakers:
Wai-Chee Dimock
“I teach literature because I’m paid to do it.” Her “outrageous” answer.

  1. Because we’re directed to.
  2. We have a space.
  3. We have an objective to achieve classroom goals.

None of us would say it? I would, and do!
Is it teaching literature to tell 1500 chefs about an eighteenth-century grain fed to slaves?
WCD–It contributes to “robust public life.”
Why teach literature? To reduce prison sentences. Let me reiterate, “This is fine.”
WCD talking about Facebook group on world lit as a new way of transnationalizing lit teaching. My response: social networks aren’t equal–Orkut is popular in some places, myspace in others, etc.

Jonathan Culler
introduction notes he’s been on College English and Diacritics, probably the only person to combine the two.
Reading vs. Life. I’m going to shutdown and save battery life and try to listen better.

Jean Howard
1:10–Computer back on. JH’s talk focused on slow reading. Temporality! And I think this liveblogging thing is kind of stupid.

q+a: Rita Felski defends the intellectual rigour of readings not focused on critique, but looking at attachment, etc. Is this related to what I’m doing in my own paper? Will reflect.