At some early point in the life of this blog, I envisioned that it could be used as a kind of group commonplace book. That never really went anywhere, but I’ll make one entry here:

You know there’s a good deal of printing to be done for the school sometimes–the questions in Latin and Greek and Algebra, and even when Mr. Ryder does have the proofs, it wants someone who really understands to see that the corrections are properly done. Old Smith used to do it, by real force of Chinese accuracy, but he has been ill for some time, and Mr. Froggart can’t see to do it himself, and Charlie won’t, and can’t be trusted either.

–Charlotte Yonge, The Pillars of the Family Ch. 3

Hmmmmm. I’ve definitely encountered the trope of China as place of meticulous yet meaningless craft, but I don’t think I’ve seen Chinese used as an adjective for this meaning.