April 2009

Hey Mia! I’m reading Mike Davis’s incredible Late Victorian holocausts . Everyone should read this book, which reveals some horrific skeletons in Victorian closets, but I’m recommending it to you in particular, if you’re interested in late Victorian China or the tea, silk  and cotton trade (the last looms large over North and South ).



Wicked smart, devilishly funny, unbelievably kind, tough as nails. RIP EKS.*

Truly one of the greatest Victorianists of all time–and, of course, she was so, so, so much more. We at the Graduate Center will mourn her wit, warmth, and generosity dearly, but it’s truly been an honour to have her with us for over ten years.

Great links at eveksedgwick.wordpress.com. And do check out the post by David Shankbone, who took the incredible, oft-reproduced photograph displayed above. It’s just one more example of the kindness she shone on every body.

*The R stands for Reincarnate.

Hey Mia, was thinking about your Great Exhibition project: have you thought about exhibitionism in general? Have you considered the “hottentot Venus”?

Also, the Crystal palace, like the Twin Towers, was once the victim of a tightrope stunt. And the glass house in the botanical garden in my native Bangalore is a replica of said palace. Great Exhibition trivia.

Amazon Rank

Don’t fuck with with the twittersphere.

I just took the following screenshot:


This. Is. So. Wrong.

This. Is. So. Wrong.

Amazon FAIL!!!! Glitch my ass!!

OTOH, #amazonfail fail: 

A SUICIDE PREVENTION BOOK? REALLY, AMAZON? I hope they feel great next time they hear about a suicide…fucking cocksuckers. #amazonfail