So, inspired by Anne’s last post, I did an Advanced Book Search on Google, looking for anything with Victorian in the title between 1890 and 1910. I was expecting quite a few hits, but 1 452! Sure, some of them are duplicates or about Victoria, Australia (for whatever reason, British Columbian Victorians are much less likely to screw up our searches)–but still! Some lit-related examples (everything available on Full View!):

  • Victorian Poets: Revised, and Extended, Edmund Clarence Stedman (1903)
  • The Victorian Age of English Literature, Margaret Oliphant [!] (1892)
  • Studies in Early Victorian Literature, Frederic Harrison (1895)
  • Victorian Novelists, James Oliphant (1899)
  • The Greater Victorian Poets [no surprises, alas], Hugh Walker (1895)
  • Victorian Novelists, Lewis Saul Benjamin (1906)
  • The Art of the Victorian Stage, Alfred Darbyshire (1907)
  • The Victorian Anthology, Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff [gotta love the name] (1902)
  • The Greater Victorian Poets: Course 18, Booklovers Reading Club Handbook, Thomas Lounsbury (1901)
  • Victorian Prose Masters, William Crary Brownell (1901)
  • Four Victorian Poets: A Study of Clough, Arnold, Rosetti, Morris, Stopford Augustus Brooke (1908)
  • Victorian Songs: Lyrics of the Affection and Nature, Edmund Henry Garrett, Edmund Gosse (1895)
  • Victorian Literature: Sixty Years of Books and Bookmen, Clement King Shorter (1897)
  • The Burden of the Victorian Lyric: A Comparative Study of Elizabethan and Victrian Lyric, Fannie Rose Walbridge (1900) [a Master’s Thesis at Wisconsin!]