It’s been a pretty crummy year for real estate, stock markets, and investment banks, but for this humble group of Victorianists gone wild (and their co-conspirators), 2008 has been very good indeed. Among our accomplishments:

  • Mia Chen (yours truly) presented on shame and Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The Coming Race, for NVSA’s annual conference, this year on “Victorian Underworlds” and held at the University of Toronto. I also contributed an article on Charlotte Yonge’s The Daisy Chain to a special issue of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies on disability, and I’ll shamelessly put the link here.
  • Kiran Mascarenhas presented on Early Victorian Feminists at a panel by that name at NEMLA, 2008. The paper she wrote for that grew into a forthcoming publication in an anthology on Victorian Antifeminism, edited by Tamara Wagner. This year, she has a paper under consideration for the Journal of Cultural Economy, edited by Mary Poovey, and will be chairing a panel at NEMLA on “Self-Writing.”
  • Anne McCarthy presented on Tennyson’s Maud and premature burial in Toronto at Victorian Underworlds as well, and an expanded version of this paper is forthcoming in Victorian Poetry in 2009.
  • Leila Walker has had an essay on Margaret Oliphant accepted for publication in the same collection of work on Victorian antifeminism where Kiran’s’ essay will appear. Leila also presented on the same at the Utopian Studies Conference.
  • more to come!

And, of course, 2008 saw the birth of this blog. I’ve taken my title for this post from, another example of the lost art of declamation.